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Tyrone Smith on the 53-Man Roster for the Dallas Cowboys

Despite having a long list of injuries, Tyrone Smith has been a mainstay in special teams and contributed on the defensive line. He has spent the majority of his career on the offensive side of the ball, but has made the move to the defensive line and has gained 10 pounds in the past year. This has led to his designation for return from injured reserve, and he is expected to make his return sometime in December.

While he is expected to make a return to practice in the near future, he is still a ways away from the action. Smith was expected to be sidelined until the end of the season, but renegotiated league rules have allowed him to return for Week 5. This would allow Smith to gain experience at the position and earn a larger role in the defensive line rotation. However, the Cowboys will need to evaluate him before bringing him back to the 53-man roster.

Before the season started, Smith had been sidelined due to an avulsion fracture of his left knee. After surgery, he is battling to regain his form. It should take him a few more weeks to get back on the field, but he should be able to get some practice time in this week. The Dallas Cowboys will be hoping to re-sign Smith to a deal before he is placed on injured reserve. They could also make use of him on the final few weeks of the regular season to provide some much needed depth on the O-line.

There are many other injuries that have kept Smith out of the action, but the biggest is the one that will keep him from playing in the 2022 NFL season. He has been on IR since late August, and has not practiced in more than a week. He will have about 21 days to get ready for the 53-man roster, which should give him enough time to get back on the field. The Cowboys have been optimistic about his chances of returning to the field, and he should have no problem making his return to practice this week.

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