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The Journey and TOTO at Bryant Park

The world’s largest plumbing manufacturer, TOTO, has earned its stripes as the name brand devoted to enhancing the restroom experience with unmatched performance, sustainability and style. In addition to their plethora of products, TOTO has three centers of research and development focused on improving their products’ functionality and aesthetics. For example, the company uses the latest in materials science and nanotechnology to improve the strength, sturdiness and longevity of its fixtures.

A company that does one thing well is a winner in my book. TOTO’s product line boasts an impressive list of awards and accolades. Among its many accolades is the fact that they are the only manufacturer to be recognized as a water efficiency leader. To that end, TOTO takes pride in reducing water usage and minimizing energy consumption for their customers. They also have the distinction of being the only manufacturers to be able to boast a branded name in toilets, bathroom fittings and other plumbing accessories. As such, they are able to assemble a top notch team of industry professionals whose knowledge base is matched by their savviness.

토토공원  has been in the business of crafting high-quality, green plumbing products for over 40 years. Their products are the envy of the discerning plumber, as they are not only designed to deliver unmatched performance but to reduce costs as well. By installing the company’s innovative products, Bryant Park’s public restrooms are awash in the luxuries of a modern day hotel.

Aside from the toilets, there are several other facilities at Bryant Park. These include a museum, which features several exhibits ranging from the 1899 Great Train Station to the recently refurbished Central Park Zoo, a retail outlet for souvenirs, and a dog park. However, it is the concert line that has been the most popular attraction of the Park since the heyday of its founding. Ticket prices vary greatly. Fortunately, tickets for the Journey and TOTO concerts can be found at all major ticketing platforms. If you are planning on attending one of the concerts, make sure to book early and get your paws on a couple of the best seats in the house. After all, what better way to spend a Saturday night than catching some of the most popular and beloved acts of all time?


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