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We’re always looking for talented writers to write for our online magazine, so if you’re interested in earning extra cash through writing, you may want to check out freelance writing opportunities. Whether you’re an aspiring author or a businessman, there’s a place for you on our website. Our writers are professionals who are dedicated to their personal brand and community. They don’t look for clients or bylines, and they prefer to create content that’s relevant to their readers.

When it comes to writing for us, the best articles are short and to the point. They should be between 600 and 1,000 words long. The longer the article, the smaller the audience. Adding colour and data will add more interest. You can also include a link to your avatar, LinkedIn or Twitter profile to get more exposure. We’re open to a variety of topics and we’re always looking for new contributors. If you’re not sure about what we’re looking for, you can always contact us through our social media accounts.

The style and tone of your articles should be clear and concise, and the content should relate to our theme and audience. You should also include relevant tips and links in your articles. Make sure that your links add value. You can also promote your business through guest posts. The more articles you Write for us technology, the more exposure you’ll get. If you’re already a writer, consider writing for us as a way to get your foot in the door. You’ll be glad you did.

We’ll edit your articles for clarity and brevity. We’ll also ask for a few links at the end. Despite the fact that we’ll be editing your articles, they’ll still be readable. Don’t forget to use the right style of writing. Remember to write articles that will appeal to our audience and make them want to return for more. You’ll be surprised at the response you get!

If you want to write for us, you’ll have to do a bit of research and be aware of our style. Technology articles should be short, clear, and relevant. The length should be around 600 words. Don’t be afraid to use tables of data and graphs to help your readers visualize the points you’re making. If you’re writing a personal article, you might have to include a bio of up to 25 words, your contact details, and a recent photo or headshot. You may also include a link to an avatar if you have one.

When you write for us, it’s important to remember that we’re looking for articles that are clear and informative. We also want articles that focus on a specific topic. So, you’ll have to be clear and concise. You’ll also need to be able to include links that add value to your article. Ultimately, you’ll be writing for us because you have something to say, and we’re looking for articles with strong opinions.


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