Luxury Living at the Canninghill Piers Condo

The proposed development on the Canninghill Piers at Singapore River Walk marks a significant milestone in the upcoming skyline of the young country. Located on the west coast of Singapore, the Canninghill Piers condominiums will offer a totally new experience to the people of the city. The project is estimated to raise around USD 125 million as of the end of 2021.

The planned sold-out sale for the Canninghill Piers project is scheduled for Q4 2021. This means that the sales have already begun and it has been confirmed that around eight hundred units have already been sold off to eager investors. This number might increase or decrease once the market conditions dictate. The proposed mixed development is composed of five tower blocks and one low-rise building, which are also being marketed by the same direct developer price.

The planned development consists of four towers of around nine hundred and seventy units each, along with two low-rise buildings of around one hundred and fifty units each. The proposed development on the Canninghill Piers has already received approval from the Singaporean government’s Environment and Resourcesartment for a commercial activity zone. The planned retail area will be located at the Canninghill Quay and Singapore River Walk area, which are located directly across the water from the planned Canninghill Piers condos. The project also plans to include a ferry terminal at the Canninghill Quay and an extension of the Singapore Riverside walkway, which links the Singapore River to the Canninghill Piers.

The development also includes a new public park that will serve as the main park of the area. This plan has been included in the original scope presented by the Singapore Tourism Authority (STA), who are managing the development. The park will provide a space for Canninghill Piers residents to enjoy recreational activities along the water. It will also become a venue for community events and social gatherings.

The proposed development will feature Canninghill Piers Lifestyle Park, which is a five-story residential tower with around eight floors of living space. Located on the second floor, this building will offer spectacular views of the river and skyline. Its ground floor retail space will feature the popular Canninghill Retail Building, which is already a popular retail destination at the area. Located at ground level, the second floor of the Canninghill Piers Lifestyle Park will feature serviced residence facilities, as well as second storey units and a fully-equipped fitness centre.

On the third and fourth floors, the Canninghill Piers resident will have the option to choose from a variety of amenities, including Canninghill Apartments and Canninghill Terrace. Located on the first and second floors, these units are suitable for short term and long term stays, with individual amenities available according to each floor. Located next to the river valley, the Canninghill Piers resident will have numerous different ways to enjoy the area’s natural assets, including Canninghill Park, Canninghill Drive and the nearby Botanical Gardens. These are just a few of the several different perks that come with owning a Canninghill Piers condominium.

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